go hunting for your „Issues with Skype status and calling“

Hello Skype, hello Microsoft!

Can you tell me why I am not getting any kind of information on any of my 1000+ channels to tell me what’s going on ? Do I really have to o „hunting“ for updates myself?

If you still ask yourself, Microsoft, why you are slow and not really able to find your spot back in this technology this is a great example on where to improve.


Issues with Skype status and calling

Ein Gedanke zu “go hunting for your „Issues with Skype status and calling“

  1. flutsch 22. September 2015 / 06:00

    ok, my skype is ONLINE again … but still I have absolutely NO information in any inbox … email, G+, FB, LinkedIn, XING, etc … not my kind of communication

    Gefällt mir

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